Coconut Water

Coconut Water


* This product is 100% Natural juice
* No Concentrate
* No Preservative
* Taste: Fresh, light sweet.
* Product shelf life 12 months .
* Color: Natural white
* Certification: HACCP
* Purity (%): 100
* MOQ: 5000KG
* Packaging Details: As request

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Coconut water Organic is a clear liquid, delicious taste, contained inside young coconuts (also known as green coconuts). When the coconut is ripe, the water will be less and replaced with coconut meat (old coconut). Coconut water is different from coconut milk. Coconut milk is made from the flesh of an old coconut.

Coconut water is a favorite drink especially in summer. Coconut water is used as a remedy for water and electrolyte loss associated with diarrhea or exercise in hot weather. Coconut water is also used in cases of people with high blood pressure to improve exercise results.

Coconut water is rich in carbohydrates and electrolytes like potassium, sodium and magnesium . Due to these electrolyte components, there are many who believe that the use of coconut water can be used in the treatment and prevention of dehydration. But some experts believe that the electrolyte content in coconut water is not enough to use as a rehydration solution.

The products we offer are USDA and EU certified organic with a Guaranteed Organic Certificate for each shipment.

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